"I love this web site. But if you ever quote me saying that I will fucking sue your ass off."

- Bill Maher

2012: Duh Year In Opinions (from America's greatest minds ;)

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(Duh Progressive does not only provide news. We provide deep insights from people who wish to write in expressing their opinions on the events of the day, among other things.  You can also check out our regular "Duh Year In Review" by clicking the link here.)



















   For those unfamiliar with Duh Progressive, we accept and print incredible, dazzling opinion pieces from anyone; famous, powerful, or not.   Our most active page is of course our NEWS page, and we urge those visiting this page to visit the “Duh Year In Review” news page.   We also offer HOROSCOPES and TRUE OP-EDS (non-satirical, serious opinion piece from the producer and outside contributors).  

     We urge all visitors to check out these pages, take in the Duh Progressive experience” and send in feedback and submissions (satirical or serious) at will via our CONTACT page. Love us or hate us, we would love to hear from you. We even post hate mail.  

   This past year of 2012 witnessed the greatest rise in readership (by 5 times), with thousands of people visitng per week, and we are most grateful to those who read it and will hopefully make a habit of it.   We thank all those who have helped make this web site as successful as it has been.   But most of all we thank YOU, our readers, for making Duh Progressive the rising satirical and politically influencial site it is becoming.   Thank you so much, and may you all (conservative or not) have a great 2013!


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Police Blotter

St. Louis, MO -- Police arrived at 8:26 PM to the scene of a domestic disturbance in the 1400 block of Canal Street, where an unidentified metrosexual man had dialed 9-1-1 complaining that his girlfriend had insulted him during an argument and "wounded his inner child." When confirmed that the metrosexual male was uninjured, police opened fire. A medal has been issued for the girlfriend.





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