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Rubio Responds in Spanish, Calls Obama’s SOTU Speech ''Mucho Bullshito''


(From WIRES)

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

(WASHINGTON DC) —Breaking ground Tuesday night by giving the first rebuttal to a presidential State of the Union speech in Spanish, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) characterized President Obama’s and his message as “mucho bullshito,” as well as a condescending "douchebag-a-mundo."

     Speaking with noticable passion to a demographic Republicans have been criticized for failing to court, Rubio spoke to America’s growing Latino population, giving the GOP its response to Obama’s first SOTU of his second term.   But in his Spanish version, the Cuban-American senator used more “colorful” phrases in describing the speech by the President, a man many Republicans hope Rubio inherits the office of four years from now.

     Rubio urged fellow Latinos not to be swayed by false and impractical promises by Obama, saying “El Presidente…es un bullshitario grande! Mucho bullshito,” and said Obama and Democrats were taking their votes for granted.  Rubio urged Spanish-speaking Americans to be skeptical of sweeping government programs the President were aimed at helping the poor, middle-class and minorities, stating in Spanish, emphasizing, “іObama es un ASSHOLO fabricate! No concerne de ustedes. Quere ustedes solo dependiente en ello y mas estado. Whata’ douchbago condescende! ¡DOUCHBAG—A—MUNDO!”  

     Mainly concentrating to how Obama’s seemingly endless calls for more spending (i.e. “investment”) and programs would indirectly harm immigrants already in the country as well as those seeking to come to the U.S., the Republican rock start Rubio skipped the now famous “water grab” he made during his live, English-only rebuttal.  

    “Trust me, from my childhood and my neighbors: Latinos aren’t really into those impromptu and exaggerated deer-in-headlights-water-grabbing breaks,” Rubio told reporters after his live English–broadcast Tuesday night.  “They usually like their political leaders to go for water breaks calmly and with a smile and an ‘pardon me’ during their live broadcasts. …But that doesn’t take away from the fact that Obama’s proposals are unsustainable to the country and middle-class.”

     Continued Rubio in his pre-recorded Spanish rebuttal, Quien cree que este chico, Obama, es una idiota (Anyone who believes this guy, Obama, is a moron).   Mi familia no busto su culo para llegar y trabajar aquí ser irrespetado y por aquellos que no obedecía las normas, obedecer nuestras leyes y todavía pedir gratis dinero por personas como el Presidente.”

   Translation: “My family did not bust their asses to come here and work hard to be disrespected by those who did not obey the rules, obey our laws and still ask for free money from people like the President.”

   How Rubio’s rebuttal for America’s Spanish-speaking population will play in the mind of Latinos has yet to be known.   Latinos are usually more responsive to “straight talk” by politicians, say Hispanic members of Congress of both parties.

     Added Rubio in his Spanish-only rebuttal,Nunca he conocido a alguien que podría hacer socialismo sonido tan dulce (I have never known someone who could make Socialism sound so sweet).   Nunca ha habido un presidente que podría hacer la disminución de todo el mundo vive sonido tan edificante.  Este Presidente es el BULLSHITARIO, siempre!  (Never has there been a president who could make the diminishing of everyone's lives sound so uplifting.   This man is the best bullshitter, ever).”

   “And this is why we call him ‘El Bullshitario–En–Jefe’,” concluded Rubio.

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