"This site is the only site the Jews will allow me to enjoy."

- Louis Farrakhan

About Us

If you've ever read The Onion , you can guess what we're about. Take the snarkiness of a liberal and put it in the body of a conservative, and wha-la, you have Duh Progressive!

Impressed by the immense power of contemporary satire, Duh Progressive's creator seeks a politically charged, Right-leaning Onion, aimed at the more urban and college educated conservative (yes, all 5 of us!). The struggle between Left and Right can become grueling, tedious, and heated at times, and Duh Progressive seeks to break some of the tension through a humorous perspective.


WARNING: Duh Progressive is not 'family-friendly.' We reserve the right to curse, offend, occasionally self-deprecate, and also aim to make our readers laugh and gain a humorous perception of America's political and cultural mayhem, be they conservative or liberal. So enjoy, or not enjoy, or enjoy not enjoying!

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