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Jury Finds Michael Jackson’s Doctor Guilty of Preventing Countless More Molestations


by Vick Victor, DP Hollywood liaison

Monday, November 7th, 2011

(LOS ANGELES) After weeks of nationally televised testimony, it took a Los Angeles jury only four hours to find Michael Jackson’s former doctor, Conrad Murray, guilty of saving countless more children from being molested by the late pop star Friday afternoon.

   Prosecutors insisted that Jackson had been given a lethal dose of the powerful drug propofol, commonly used to render patients unconscious before major surgeries, by Dr. Murray shortly before his death in June 2009. “You fine people have heard the evidence throughout the past weeks,” said Deputy District Attorney David Walgren in his closing arguments Thursday. “The evidence clearly demonstrates that Dr. Conrad Murray knowingly gave Michael Jackson a lethal, and illegal dose of propofol, and in so doing prevented perhaps thousands of more children from being molested by the great Michael Jackson.”

   Whether Jackson administered the drug himself or had Dr. Murray inject him with it had been a point of debate among Murray’s defense team, as well as the fact that his lethal dose of propofol, whether self-administered or not, prevented countless numbers of children from being fondled (and then some) by the King of Pop, as Jackson could have lived God-knows how many more miserably perverse years after June 2009.  It had been the defense team’s contention that preventing children from being molested, even if by the world’s most beloved rock star, was a good thing.  However the jury decided otherwise.

     “We the jury…in regards to the first count of ‘Prevention of Child Molestation’ do here find the defendant, Conrad Robert Murray, guilty,” read the jury’s foreperson to a shocked courtroom Friday.

   “On count two, of ‘Failure to Allow Millions of Dollars in Hush Money to be Paid to the Parents of Children They Knowing Allowed to be Molested by a Creepy Billionaire Man-Child,’ we the jury find the defendant guilty,” the jury continued.  

    There was an audible gasp throughout the L.A. courthouse as the verdict was read.   Dr. Murray hung his head, receiving reassuring pats on his back by attorneys and family members.   Outside the packed courthouse families of children whom they had hoped would have been molested by Michael Jackson cheered the jury’s verdict.

     “This is a great day. A day of true justice,” said Arthur McCaully, of Oceanside, CA.   McCaully said he had hoped that his eleven year old son may have had a chance to visit the deceased Jackson on his notorious “Neverland” ranch, spending night after night after unsupervised night there, but now would have to simply accept Dr. Murray’s guilt in preventing that possibility.  “We could have been millionaires by now if (Jackson) had been allowed to molest my son,” sobbed McCaully after hearing of the jury’s verdict. “But now we’ll never have that chance.  Dr. Murray took it all away from us! That bastard has to pay for his crime.”

   Added McCaully, “I guess I’ll just have to resort to making my millions now in the housing market, like everyone else.”

     Not all the news was sour for Dr. Murray Friday, as the jury remained hung on count three: “Prevention of Minors from Seeing the Last Remaining Portion of Michael Jackson’s Anatomy That Was Still Brown,” as prosecutors failed to prove if the type of molestation by Jackson would have allowed children to view that part of the late singer’s body. 

     Either way, for many parents who hoped the famous silver glove of the King of Pop could have one day roamed freely over their kids’ quivering, terrified and confused bodies, Friday’s verdict can only bring so much comfort.

   “I grew up listening to Michael Jackson. I knew I was too old for him in ‘that way,’ you know?” said a weeping Marsha Torres, 45, outside the courthouse Friday morning. “But what about by 12-year-old, Hector?  Surely he could have been more Jackson’s type….Conrad Murray, you son of a bitch!”

     A sentencing phase for Murray has yet to be announced.  District prosecutors claim they will push for the stiffest sentence possible, and that Murray will lose his medical license in any case.

    “Personally, I would like to have (Murray) thrown out to these grieving parents of unmolested kids and have justice done that way,” said a visibly emotional prosecutor Walgren after the verdict.   “But fortunately our system of justice has evolved above that.”

     Neither Dr. Murray nor his defense team gave comment following Friday’s verdict, leaving swiftly out the back of the courthouse. However rumors are circulating that motions for appeal are already being filed.

     “I look out at these parents, these (Jackson) fans,” said Walgren on the courthouse steps after Friday’s adjournment. “With all of the children who had been molested before Jackson's death, all these parents know their children had every right to be molested, too.  And who was Conrad Murray to decide to take that chance at fame –and money; a LOT of money– away from them?  Why?  Why must so many not enjoy Michael Jackson like so many did before?   This may be a victory for our team today, but it’s still a tragedy many will never get over.”

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