"I laughed so long at this web site that I ran out of urine and my husband had to pee my pants for me!"

- 80 Year Old Woman

OPINION: ''Face It: Your Fear of My Pedophilia Is Just Masking Your Own Insecurities!''


Like all those who are of lifestyles not conforming to this nation’s antiquated Judeo-Christian dogma, I have faced bold and scarring societal oppression throughout my entire adult life. You see, I am a pedophile, which means that I simply love children an awful lot.  I am an acute lover of children; I adore everything about them. And I’m sick and tired of being hated and feared and told that I am a pervert by people who are just really insecure about their own tendencies.

Just face it:  if you’re anti-pedophilia, you’re just covering up for your own pedophilic tendencies.  You know you have them, just like all the rest of you “pedophiliaphobes.”  That’s right, I coined a new word —“pedophiliaphobes!” –damn molester detesters, that's all!  And just like gay bashers, you’re only trying to hide the obvious, that YOU are really ME. So get over your inhibitions and come to grips with it!  Stop using people like me to dump your private self-hatred on to.

Pedophiliaphobes, that’s what you all are.  Nothin' but pedophiliaphobes –molester detesters! Deep down you’re all pedophiles too.  I have encountered you hypocrites throughout my whole life, and now I must call you all out for what you are.

…That couple that asked me to babysit their six-year-old son when I was in high school..? They were pedophiliaphobes! …Those security officers outside of that elementary school playground last year..?  –pedophiliaphobes!  …All the administrators and the parents at the Rocky Falls Summer Camp when I was 23..? –pedophiliaphobes!  …That Todd kid who escaped from me underneath that stairwell..? –pedophiliaphobe!  …And all those cops and the parents and the lawyers and judges and guards..? –pedophiliaphobes, all of ‘em!

They’re all pedophiliaphobes, and that only means one thing: deep down they fear their own pedophilia, their honest desire to love children as much as I do.  I’m an outcast just because I’m surrounded by people who fear their own true desires; who fear being discovered as outcasts themselves.

You molester detesters are a bunch of sheltered, holier-than-thou phonies. When are pedophiliaphobic Americans going to wake up and realize that the only reason they hate so much is because they hate who they really are?

Look at Hitler —Hitler hated Jews, but there is evidence he was part-Jewish. Hitler persecuted homosexuals, but there is plenty of evidence Hitler was a latent homosexual. And how about that weirdo pastor in Utah, an anti-gay supremacist –he was discovered with a gay lover! They are hypocrite haters, just like you!

Please, all you pedophiliaphobes, there is only one way to let go of your hate, and that is to admit your own acute love-of-child feelings. If you don't then you will never be happy, and neither will the rest of us. Know thyself, accept thyself, and love thyself (and others, younger).



Ronald Draper Jr.

Child Lover Extraordinaire


PS.  To Todd Mosstrum of Providence, Rhode Island:  If you’re reading this, the date for my next parole hearing is September 26th, 2013.  You should be about 10 years old by then.  If granted release, could you meet me underneath that Wal-Mart staircase again? It’s the same one from last time, on Silver Spring Street.  Meet me there a 4:30 PM on October 12, 2013.  And bring some classmates this time.  Thanks, buddy!

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