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Obama Warns Gadhafi: Butler Bulldogs don’t stand a chance against UConn!


Sunday, April 3, 2011,

WASHINGTON –President Obama took the gloves off over the weekend in criticizing Libyan president Moammar Gadhafi, warning the 69-year-old dictator not to underestimate the awesome power of a united University of Connecticut Huskies team.

   According to Obama, Gadhafi’s choice of Butler over Connecticut in the NCAA National Championship game Monday night is unacceptable, with the President predicting a decisive Husky victory over the Bulldogs by a score no less than 76–62.

   “The international community should feel ashamed it has not addressed this important part of the Libyan conflict sooner,” said Obama Sunday.

  “Butler may have the experience at this level, but Connecticut is no Duke –they’re not going to allow Butler to come within three points like last year.  They’re gonna crush Butler.”

   Added Obama, “Colonel Gadhafi must renounce his claim of a Bulldog victory.  To believe otherwise is crazy.  He is truly a madman.”

   The Libyan dictator has held firm over the last several weeks, surviving a full scale civil war and NATO airstrikes, all the while maintaining his steadfast belief that the fairy tale rise of Butler University to NCAA dominance will continue Monday night and give them their first NCAA title in history. Gadhafi has faced mounting international military and economic pressure ever since hostilities erupted in the wake of the downfall of Egypt’s Hasni Mubarak.  To further his isolation, Gadhafi has repeatedly stated since February that UConn will also fall to its usual overconfidence during the NCAA post-season and not take the predicted 3-point Butler win at face value.

   The infamous Libyan leader has not been seen in public since March 23rd. Although Gadhafi did managed to respond to President Obama from an undisclosed underground location Sunday evening.  “President Obama is just another lap dog of the Israelite imperialists and the NCAA Big East Conference,” said Gadhafi via Twitter Sunday night.  “Obama hasn’t made one original pick in the 2011 post-season.…His predictions have been about as trite and predictable as his speeches.  He’s the Pat Boone of NCAA picks!  …Now he starts predicting championship upsets? WTF?  Seriously, UConn over Butler ? ROTFLMAO!”

   Gadhafi’s bombastic pronouncements have been costing him dearly recently.  Last Wednesday Gadhafi suffered his most serious diplomatic loss yet when Libyan Foreign Minister Mussa Kussa defected to the United Kingdom, citing “intolerable pressure” from Colonel Gadhafi for him to bet against the Kentucky Wildcats in Saturday’s Final Four tournament (a game Kentucky lost, 56–55).

   Said Kussa, “(Gadhafi’s) statements about Obama’s college basketball predictions are totally hypocritical and dangerous. Just last week I was ordered to bet against Kentucky by the Colonel, and no one expected the Wildcats to come as far as they did this year.  Gadhafi’s reasoning is growing more unhinged by the day.  He has to go!”

   Kussa is expected to be a treasure-trove of information NATO and al-Qaeda infested rebel fighters can use to help overthrow Gadhafi and restore a more rational NCAA predictor.   But with rebel forces retreating even with the help of allied air and “technical” support, toppling Gadhafi is proving about as tough as a Shelvin Mack rebound.

  "Just look at the Butler and UConn mascots," Gadhafi said Sunday. "That Husky mascot is all whimpy.  It looks like something would hump Obama's leg on the golf course... But that Butler bulldog looks like it's going to bite your nuts off.  Why doesn't Obama hold his tongue and go back to fighting for France and England's oil?"

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