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Bi-Sexual Man Who Beat Himself Up Charged With a Hate Crime



by Diana Jameson, DP staff,

Monday, February 10th, 2015,

(CHICAGO) —A married father of two has been charged under the federal hate crimes statute after breaking his jaw and nose during a fight…with himself, the Chicago Tribune reported Friday.

    According to police, 39-year-old Robert Perloni became involved in an altercation with his wife two weeks ago after she found "erotic" text messages sent from Perloni’s cell phone to another man.  After initially denying the texts were his and a brief shouting-match, Perloni admitted to his wife, Beth, 36, that he was bi-sexual and had been having an affair with another man for four months.  After his confession, according to police, Robert Perloni broke down in tears and, consumed with guilt, battered himself about the face, chest and genitals in an apparent nervous breakdown.  Fearing for her husband’s safety, Mrs. Perloni called 9-1-1.  Police arrived minutes later at the couple’s home in Chicago’s upper Roscoe Village.

    Perloni was arrested and hospitalized with a broken jaw, nose, lacerations to his face, neck, chest and hands, and a concussion (and all self-inflicted).  Police claim both Beth and a semi-conscious Robert Perloni admitted that Robert assaulted himself with his fists, kitchen plates, a cell phone, decanter, and a lamp, culminating in Mr. Perloni ramming his already blood–spewing head through the family’s living room wall, all while shouting “God, I’m so sorry!  I hate myself!  I hate myself!”  

    It are these sworn statements of the Perlonis' that have compelled federal prosecutors to take a bold step in charging Mr. Perloni last Friday with a hate crime…against himself.

    “Mr. Perloni has not recanted his admission that he is bi-sexual, and has provided evidence since the January 30th incident of his relationships with other men,” stated U.S. District Attorney for Northern Illinois Zachery Fardon at a press briefing, Monday.  “The state contends that Mr. Perloni beat himself due to self-loathing and shame because of his bi-sexuality.  Hence, his ‘heterosexual’ side inflicted a heinous assault on his ‘gay’ side, necessitating the government to charge Mr. Perloni with a hate crime.”

    Being the first person to ever be charged with committing a hate crime against themselves comes as a shock and “needless aggravation,” according to Beth Perloni, as she struggles to cope with the damage her husband’s infidelity and secret yearnings have done to their marriage.  Said a sobbing Mrs. Perloni to Duh Progressive, Monday, “(Robert) and I have kids, a house and have built a life together.  I don’t know how I feel anymore.  I don’t know if I should stay with him, but I don’t think it the government has the right to take him away from us because he beat himself up.  He was mad at himself, not us!”

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    But public statements like Mrs. Perloni’s are misleading of the exact seriousness of the charges as well as to the notion of hate crime itself, according to U.S. Attorney Fardon.

   “We understand Mrs. Perloni’s distress in this situation,” Fardon said, Monday, “but all her public statements are doing is impeding our investigation and hampering the very notion that the motives for why people beat, rape, rob, kill, and inflict incalculable suffering on each other is somehow less important than the fact that they beat, rape, and kill each other in the first place.  Seriously, it are completely rational statements like (Mrs. Perloni’s) that throw things way out of perspective.” 

    There are many members of the “LGBT community” that hate themselves or are not comfortable with their sexual preferences already, according to clinical psychology Janis Learmann, who is rumored to be called to testify for the prosecution if Robert Perloni’s heterosexual desires cannot reach a plea bargain with his homosexual desires, and Perloni faces a jury.

   Said Dr. Learmann to Duh Progressive via phone interview, “Self-hatred is common among gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, even in this age of tolerance and growing understanding.  It’s one thing to hate one’s self because of your sexualities, but to allow that hatred to lead to violence upon a person –even yourself– is when lines are crossed and self-hate becomes a ‘hate crime.’  And that is something we just can't defend or tolerate in our society anymore.”

    Added the DOJ’s Zack Fardon, Monday, “I would hate to see Mrs. Perloni continue to defend the actions of her husband, because that may inspire more emotionally-conflicted bi-sexuals to beat themselves up, too.  She’s fostering a climate of hate, and we wouldn’t want to see Mrs. Perloni charged with encouraging or abetting hate crimes…would we, Mrs. Perloni?”


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