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Obama to Appear on ‘Playboy TV’ to Promote HealthCare.gov



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by Joel Leggnut, DP staff

Monday, March 17th, 2014,

(LOS ANGELES) —A week after President Obama’s controversial appearance on the internet’s popular “Between Two Ferns” show, hosted by comedian Zach Galifianakis and produced by Funny or Die, it was announced Monday that Obama will be appearing on none other than Playboy TV’s hit show “Between Two Cheeks”.

     Obama’s Playboy appearance, taped over the weekend and scheduled to be aired next week, is the President’s latest attempt to reach out to younger Americans —not to mention hornier ones— whom may watch Playboy TV (formerly cable’s Playboy Channel) regularly, attempting to rouse them to sign up on HealthCare.gov for “Obamacare”.   But an attempt or not, news of Obama’s appearance on the nation’s premier pay-per-view  pornographic cable network is bound cause his critics to explode a hundredfold more than his goofy back and forth gibes he exchanged with “Between Two Fern’s” Galifianakis.

     Unlike “Between Two Ferns’” intentionally comedic format, Obama sat down with Playboy magazine’s 2009’s Playmate of the Year, Ida Ljungqvist, host of Playboy TV’s talk show “Between Two Cheeks”, discussing the benefits of his signature piece of legislation and why people between the ages of 18 and 30 should sign up for it. 

     “The format for this interview is quite more subdued and natural than the one he gave to (Zach Galifianakis) on ‘Two Ferns’,” said Health and Human Services spokeswoman Joanne Peters, Monday.  “Ms. Ljungqvist certainly puts in her share of sexual innuendos, and the President seemed happy to field them playfully and have fun with the show’s format.  But the discussion still came back to explaining why younger people need to sign up for healthcare at HealthCare.gov.”

     Peters added, “We admit that having Mr. Obama discuss such serious matters underneath a giant picture of a bubbling butt in a bikini with the logo ‘Between Two Cheeks’ may be a distraction for some, but for those who watch the Playboy channel regularly and the ‘Two Cheeks’ show it shouldn’t make a difference.  …The President’s message is clear: young and uninsured people need to sign up for affordable healthcare on HealthCare.gov, whether their president is stressing its importance under a giant, glistening ass on an adult-themed cable network or not.” 

     Playboy TV’s “Between Two Cheeks” made its debut in 2012, with its first guest being porno stars Ron Jeremy (pre-stroke and bed-ridden) and Jenna Jameson.  Since then the half-hour show has hosted a variety of guests, ranging from Justin Bieber to Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus (who is rumored to be vying to take over as host of the show, hosting guests between her own two cheeks), to former President Bill Clinton, who was content just to sit and gaze at Ida Ljungqvist without ever uttering a word about his “Clinton Global Initiative”, for which he was called to the show to discuss.

     Regardless of its past guests and reputation, the President has seen fit to grant “Between Two Cheeks” an interview touting Obamacare to an audience the administration feels is growing hyper-sexualized, thereby increasingly tuning in (and having their parents pay for) to networks like Hugh Hefner’s Playboy TV and other adult-oriented pay-per-cable channels.   

     Said the White House in a press release Monday afternoon, “This is all about ‘audience reach.’  The President went on Funny or Die to reach a particular demographic his administration needs to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.  Young people are big fans of Funny or Die’s shows, and Playboy TV garnishes much of the same sort of audience.” 

     “(Playboy TV) also garnishes a demographic that may be older than age 30,” continued the statement, “but for whatever reason have fallen through the employment cracks and now can be found in their parents’ basements watching things like Playboy TV non-stop.  Needless to say these 30-plus individuals are jobless and without insurance, all the more reason for the President to appear on Playboy TV.”

     Already Obama’s critics are, as expected, much more incensed over his appearance on Playboy’s “Between Two Cheeks” than they were about his comedic plug for Obamacare on Funny or Die’s  “Between Two Ferns”. 

     “This is an outrage!  Obama has made a bigger mockery of the office of the presidency than his stint on ‘Between Dual Furs’ ever did!” said Senator John McCain, conveniently forgetting about his appearances on NBC’s Saturday Night Live and numerous late night comedy talk shows.   “To have a sitting U.S. president go on a cable channel that routinely shows sexual situations, sex acts, nudity, and sex-themed shows is an outrage. …I don’t care what audience he’s trying to reach for what purpose or what cause –no American president goes on something like the Playboy channel to tout policy.”

     Such harsh criticism of the President’s “pandering to perverts,” as former Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum (R–PA) referred to it on Twitter, Monday, has not just been relegated to Republicans or conservatives, either.  Former Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich is also criticizing Obama’s half-hour interview on Two Cheeks, calling it “discrediting” and a “lowering” of standards for how a Commander-in-Chief should promote his policies to the public.   

    Said Kucinich on Cleveland’s  WTAM radio morning show,  “I’m about as politically liberal as they come, but when I first came to Washington no president or any representative would ever think of going on a show called ‘Between Two Cheeks’ or a TV network that is pornographic at all…never.”

     Having left Congress in 2013, Kucinich added that although many of his former colleagues were known for watching porn, or simply opting for “going between two cheeks” (namely those of their interns), he himself had use for neither.  “I’ve always been a pretty conservative guy in private life,” Kucinich told AM 1100’s morning hosts “Wills & Snyder”.    “…Nope, no need for affairs or even pornography for me, not even something like the Playboy channel late at night… I mean, good Lord, has anyone ever seen my wife?!  Good God Almighty!   Why would I need to look at Play-porn-whatever-Cheeks-anything when I have her?!  …Jesus!”

     But even having people from Obama’s own party bash his scheduled appearance on “Between Two Cheeks” brings little solace to long GOP critics like Rick Santorum.   When asked by the Associated Press Monday of a better way presidents should reach particular demographics in promoting their policies, Santorum said, “All I know is that a ‘Between Butt Cheeks’ show is no way to do it.  I steadfastly oppose Obamacare and the way (Obama) is going about promoting it.  I mean, come on –‘Between Two Cheeks’…?  ‘Playboy TV’…?  Come on, there are so many better shows on that network he could have gone on!  Ida Ljungqvist’s persona is growing more stale by the week.  The show’s ratings have fallen way under other shows like ‘Swing’ and ‘School of Sex’, and Ida’s past guests the last couple months have left much to be desired.  They’re almost as boring as she is!”

     Quickly added Santorum, “Umm…uhh…I mean, you know, that’s what I’ve heard and all…  I’ve never watched that smut channel, of course.  I swear!  I, uhh, must have read it somewhere, or like, you know, something…”


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