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Obama on 4th of July: ‘‘Why do we keep celebrating my birthday a month early?’’



by Michael Madshack, DP Assistant Editor,

Saturday, July 5th, 2014,

(WASHINGTON) —Yes, President Obama has done it again.  After last year’s Fourth of July erupted into controversy when an “open mic” clipped to President Obama’s shirt caught him muttering, “I can’t believe I have to give up a good day of golf for this crap!” and other disparaging remarks about America, this Independence Day has unfortunately caught the Commander-in-Chief in another open mic (aka “hot mic”) faux pas incident…again.

     After giving his usual Fourth of July commemorative address from the White House’s balcony overlooking its south lawn, President Obama, again unaware that the small microphone clipped to his shirt was still on, was caught commenting as he exited back into the White House: “Why do we keep celebrating my birthday a month early?”

     Mr. Obama's birthday is August 4th..

     Obama’s “hot mic” also picked parts of First Lady Michelle Obama’s reply to her husband, “…don’t know, dear…  Perhaps they…don’t underst…fundamentally transforming…making the country better…it really is your birthday, though.”

     Obama’s strange but unambiguously self-absorbed comments may drag down his approval ratings even further, as recent scandals involving the IRS, release of top Taliban operatives in exchange for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, fatal neglect of military vets by the V.A., allowing the murderous Islamist group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) to overrun vast swaths of the Middle East, and opening the nation’s southern borders to tens-of-thousands of supposedly “child refugees” from Central America have sunk Obama’s approval numbers below that of former president George W. Bush

    And again, while Obama was exiting the White House balcony, his open clip-on micrphone picked up more utterances by the Commander-in-Chief, none of which pundits view will help his approval ratings.

     “…I mean, I was the one who was supposed to ‘fundamentally transform’ America, you know?” continued Obama.  “I was supposed to transform this country into what it should’ve been…remake it; ‘rebirth it’…  So my birthday should be America’s real birthday, not all this ‘dead-old-white-guy-declaration-independence-crap’ from 300 years ago.”

     Although Obama’s presumably inaudible words were not heard nearly as loudly as his official Independence Day speech, a few reporters and attendees close to the speakers beneath the White House balcony heard him distinctly, including Washington Times reporter David Boyer, who had also suffered through covering Obama’s infamous open mic faux pas last July 4th, when the President’s "hot mic" caught him complaining: “I can’t believe I have to miss a good day of golf for this crap!”


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     “No!  No, no, no..!  Not again!  Please, Mr. President!” Boyer sighed in disbelief as he could not help but hear Obama’s newest July 4th faux pas of 2014.  Boyer, who had taken to Twitter last year to deny that he ever heard Obama’s disrespectful, if not barefaced anti-American comments wiped his brow in preparation to cover something almost equally offensive from the nation’s Chief Executive this year.

     Regardless of Boyer, other reporters and invited guests alike on the White House’s south lawn heard Obama’s “my birthday” comments as well, glancing at each other in confusion and in awe, according to sources.


America Reacts to Obama’s “My Birthday” Faux Pas

   “I’m not sure if I really heard what I thought I heard, and if so how (the President) meant it, but it didn’t sound good, and I’m getting pretty damn mad!” said Patricia Monroe to Duh Progressive, Friday. Monroe, 46, had been invited to hear Obama’s annual Independence Day address on the south lawn with her son, Army Corporal Martin Monroe, who had been paralyzed during an enemy attack in Afghanistan last year and has only recently begun regaining his ability to walk.

    Added Monroe to Duh Progressive, “Only if your birthday is actually on the fourth of July, then you can mention it.  But the president implying his birthday is just as important at America’s?!  I just can’t believe I heard that!  I can’t believe I brought (my son) all the way here from Erie (Pennsylvania) to hear such disrespect from his Commander-in-Chief, either!”

     But Ms. Monroe should believe it, according to none other than White House Senior Advisor Daniel Phieffer, Friday evening.

    Upon hearing of Obama’s newest “faux pas of July”, Phieffer’s office quickly released a statement explaining what Obama really meant by his remarks the public accidently heard (again).

“The President came to office with the goal of making the United States a more just, equal, and vibrant nation for all of its citizens, including those who cross our borders illegally every day,” read Phieffer’s statement.  “Mr. Obama has ideas for the nation unlike any president before, and so his unscripted comments reflect a natural correlation between the birthday of America and the personal birthday of a man who has visions for it like no other president before. …The President’s off-handed remarks are nothing to be upset about.  This is completely natural for Mr. Obama.”

     Equally stunning was the interpretation by MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Hardball With Chris Matthews Friday evening, as Matthews broke the news of Obama’s open mic gaffe late in his show.  Unlike the White House’s carefully worded explanation, Matthews was strident and unapologetic in defending Obama’s “hot mic” remarks.

     “I can hear the ‘teabaggers’ and Fox News viewers already going nuts over this so-called ‘narcissistic quip’ by Obama.  But this isn’t narcissism; it makes perfect sense,” Matthews said.  “…You have the most idealistic, progressive president in American history determined to fundamentally change it, and in doing so make it ‘reborn’; as in 'birth'; as in ‘birthday’.  So naturally such a super, mega, transformative, historical president should feel his personal birthday and America’s should be on the same day (August 4th).  And frankly, I couldn’t agree with him more.”

     However commoners, such as Jorge and Sofia Reyes, who came to the U.S. (legally) from Nicaragua when they were children said they were incensed by Obama’s supposedly humorous jibe about the day the nation they love was technically born.  “We came to the United States with nothing in the 80s.  All we knew is this is where you can speak up, speak out, do so many things you can’t do in the world,” said Jorge, 51, an auto body shop owner from Charleston, South Carolina.  “And to hear that this bastardo presidente of ours say these things; want to make his birthday be new birthday of America because he think he is so great is sick!”

     Added Sophia Reyes to Duh Progressive, “We didn’t escape all the war and poverty and fear in a country run by thugs who thought they were God only to end up in another country run by a man who thinks he’s God.  Or is God supposed to think He is Obama?  How can we know anymore?”

     No matter how angered the Reyes and other American’s are or will be as news of the President’s wishing the country’s birthday be celebrated on (and with) his own, they will not find conformity in today’s U.S.A.

    Former mentor of Barack Obama’s, as well as violent anti-establishment and Vietnam War activist Bill Ayers applauded Obama’s gaffe of gaucherie on his Internet radio show, Withered Underground, Friday evening.

    Ayers, who was part of the radically Leftist group “The Weather Underground” was as unapologetic for his 52-year-old acolyte-turned-president, even more than MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

     Said Ayers to his 24-member audience Friday evening, “No one in government, let alone the president, has ever wanted to fundamentally transform America the way Barack has.  He’s wants to undo all of the remnants of the Social Darwinist, White male landownership–mindset that still has us all trapped in a way, even me....the only thing I can do to counter my horrible White male ancestry's legacy is to wear these faggoty-ass earrings at age 70.  …But no matter what (Obama) accomplishes, he still has the vision and guts no president had before, and for that I do think that August 4th —his birthday— should be considered America’s new, real birthday; it’s independence from its so old and so oppressive Independence Day!”


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