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Hopefully Very Understandable Apologies for a Slow Month of July

     Dear Readers,

   “Duh Progressive” again apologizes for another slow month.   REASON: In late May “we” realized that June 6th, D-Day, was approaching, which my grandfather had been in, as well as the rest of the European campaign.   Every D-Day I make sure to thank “Pop” for what he did on that day and the days following.   But this year, being the 70th anniversary of D-Day and everything else, I began interviewing and writing about Pop’s experiences like never before.   And so what was initially going to be a simple 2000-word “True Op-Ed” on this site unexpectedly grew into mini novel, and is continuing to grow.

   As stated in June, this may not be the best piece of writing I (“we”) have ever produced, but it is certainly the most important.  There will never be another 70th anniversary of D-Day or my grandfather’s other experiences in Europe again.

     So putting satire and politically-charged articles greatly aside, I have found myself with no choice but to write about granddad and his time in Europe, spanning beyond Normandy, entwining them with his generation, succeeding generations and the current state of America, with Pop and his “European Tour” being the linchpin holding all of it together.  And so that initial 2000-word “True Op-Ed” has now grown beyond 20,000 words.    

     I (“we”) thank you for your understanding, and wish you a good rest of July and summer.  And please, whenever you encounter a veteran, on any day, just a simple nod, smile, and “Thank you”, from you will make their day.   My grandfather and so many others know this too well.   So thank you…and “Thank You!”   I hope to be back producing more than previous once I climb out of this rabbit hole I have unexpectedly fallen into, but will never regret.

      Thank you!

     —Nick Taxia,

         Writer and Producer,




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