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Obama Suddenly Halts Illegal Immigration After Polls Find Most Migrants Oppose Gay Marriage

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by Diana Jameson, new DP staff,

Wednesday, July 29th, 2014,

(WASHINGTON) —In an astonishing reversal of the government’s unofficial policy of allowing thousands of illegal immigrants (i.e. “refugees”) to freely to pass into the nation through its southern border for the past months, the Obama administration announced Wednesday it has abruptly halted all undocumented immigrants –mainly children– from entering the U.S. and has begun feverishly securing the U.S.–Mexican border.  

     Such an about-face on such a controversial policy permitting of the flood of mainly Central American migrants into the U.S. will undoubtedly please opponents of illegal immigration and the President’s critics, but perhaps not so much due to the White House’s reason: an overwhelming majority of the immigrants from Central America, child or adult, are not in favor of gay marriage, according to a Pew Research Center poll released Tuesday.

     The poll, taken among 1,200 immigrants from seven of the government’s ad hock detention centers and military bases it is housing many of them in currently, found that nearly 90-percent (89.4%) of the illegal migrants, which the administration hopes to deem nearly all “refugees”, are not in favor of same-sex matrimony, believing that marriage should be defined as between one man and one woman; thus constituting an affront to contemporary American culture the federal government will not tolerate, according to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, Wednesday.  

     Compounding the conundrum of poor-brown-people-acceptance vs. gay-marriage-acceptance, a Zogby poll last Thursday of the recent illegals discovered even worse: of the 1,000 recent illegal migrants between ages 14 and dead, an astonishing 96.4% believed that “traditional marriage” is between one man and one woman!

     “Don’t get us wrong, our hearts go out to these youngsters, even the ones with gang tattoos, in their quest to escape poverty and gang violence in Central America,” Earnest told White House reporters Wednesday.  “But at the same time, if these people do not accept that ‘traditional marriage’ is now also a same-sex marriage, or between two couples, or two families, or among families of an entire neighborhood, then what is the sense of letting them all in?”

     Added Earnest in earnest, “…We understand these folks come from mostly poor, rural, uneducated, and backwards–thinking communities —much like Republicans—, but that doesn’t excuse us to risk allowing the pro-gay marriage sentiment in the country to be diluted just because they want a more prosperous and safer life…like in Detroit.”


Our Minority’s Gripe Is BIGGER Than Your Minority’s Gripe!

     So again resumes the all-Americana tradition to prove which of its socio-demographic groups is “worth more” on the scales of persecution; in this case all the hopeful future Hispanic Democrat voters streaming —until now— into the country, or pro-gay marriage activists that have been so instrumental in funding Democrat campaigns.

     In concord with her fellow activists’ strives to bring as many Latinos south of the border into the nation as possible, Sara Gutierrez, executive director of the Los Angeles–based group Personas for Total Border Obliteration said Wednesday that the aim to “Hispanicize” the United States should not be stopped based off one widely-held opinion on a single issue the rest of America is increasingly accepting.  

     Latinos are historically intertwined with the U.S., said Gutierrez to Duh Progressive Wednesday after hearing of the administration's sudden blockade of all north-bound migrants from Latin America.   They have been oppressed and have made great strides, but are still relatively second-class citizens, according to Gutierrez, aside from the millions of square miles of American soil, towns, cities, schools, media, businesses and election votes dominated by them.

    “Oh, I’m sorry,” Gutierrez sarcastically said to Duh Progressive, “maybe if we had annual parades in cities where we prance around naked and demand to marry ‘hombre-con-hombre’ and have enormous stockpiles of money to contribute to politicians we would be accepted and be allowed to again storm into this country without anyone ever knowing who we are, who is it who’s entering or what their intentions are once they’re here; or if we’re going to contribute and assimilate to American society, or just build and live in enclaves exactly reflecting the nations and environments we came from.  Gee, so sorry, gay community and (the Obama) administration!”

     However Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination (GLAAD) Director of Communications Seth Adam sees things differently, saying Wednesday that importees that hold anti-gay marriage views are indeed a threat to America’s evolving culture, as the Pew and Zogby polls indicate, and may indeed even “re-unevolve” President Obama or future Democrat presidential candidates away from their support of gay marriage.

     Said Adam to Duh Progressive via phone interview Wednesday, “What is the point of America being ‘diverse’ if we allow people into this country who hold diverse opinions?   …We’re not Nazi Germany, you know.  We’ll accept everyone from anywhere as long as they agree and support us (via donations and “appropriate” opinions and subsequent votes) and hold the opinions we want them to.”

    “If (the current illegal immigrants) are not willing to tolerate anything or anyone we redefine in America on a daily basis, then what is the point of accepting them? …This is America, after all –we accept everyone, damn it!”

   When questioned on the tenor of Muslims in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East on their attitudes towards gays (let alone gay marriage) and the number of Muslim immigrants in the U.S. who, on occasion, have beaten, disowned and sometimes killed gays and gay family members, as well as committed “honor killings”, Adam said, “Well, that’s different. …I mean, it’s not ‘okay’, but still acceptable.  They (Muslims and Muslim immigrants) are often just as poor and even more brown and exotic in origin than these Latinos after all…and they’re not Christian, which is the most important thing.  If they’re not Christian, like so many of these Latino migrants who are coming here undocumented, then they can’t be anti-gay.”

     When told of numerous incidents and statistics involving horrendous persecutions of gays in Muslim countries and in the West, Director Adam replied, “What? …Muslims… persecuting gays? No, can’t be –they’re not Catholic or Christian, so that just can’t be possible.   Your information can’t be accurate, to say the least. Only Christians persecute gays.   Everyone knows that!  So that’s just not possible.”


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