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Poll: Riots, Looting Doing Wonders at Improving Image of African-Americans


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 by Jack Lakeman, DP Editor-in-Chief

Tuesday, August 19, 2014,

(FERGUSON, MO) —In the town of Florissant, Missouri, just north of Ferguson, which has seen continuous nights of violence following the August 9th shooting death of an unarmed black teen by a white police officer, Betty Lawrence waves to her son, Adrian, 16, as he walks to his family's spare car to drive to his second day of his senior year at McCluer High School.   And just like every year before when Adrian would walk out to wait for the bus for school or be driven by his mom to basketball and softball practice, both Betty and Adrian would receive brief smiles and a waves from their white neighbors; the Edwards to the right, and even longer waves and smiles from their neighbors to their left, the Delanos.

     However, ever since last week when violence erupted in the fallout of the shooting of Michael Brown, a college-bound Black 18-teen-year-old at the hands of white police officer, Darren Wilson, the Edwards and Delanos have not given the Lawrences the same types of smiles and waves in the morning. The Edwards wave and smile more, the Delanos even more, according to Betty Lawrence, 39.  Such responses may be due in-part of a new Gallup poll Tuesday which suggests that rioting and looting by many of Ferguson's African-Americans, and those who have streamed into the town to protest, is in fact helping their image throughout the non-Black American populous, improving the opinion of the Black community by leaps and bounds among whites, Asians, Hispanics, etc.

     Polled throughout the last four days, Gallup discovered that an astonishing 71-percent of non-African-Americans found that images of them rioting, looting, shouts of "Fuck (the) police!", "Death to cops!", chants of "What do we want? ‒Darren Wilson! ...How do we want him? ̶ Dead!" (minus the old Black guy in yellow who has the sense to at least yell "In jail!" in the this linked video), hurling Molotov cocktails and waving middle fingers in front on cameras have given an increased rise in liking and appreciation of the African-American community in the U.S.

     Said Doris Edwards, neighbor of the Lawrences, whom have not been taking part in the turmoil just over a mile south of them in Ferguson, "You know, I was raised to be skeptical of Black people...to be hesitant, weary of them and all, you know? Like they were prone ‒especially the poorer folks‒ to be prone to violence and mayhem. ...But thank God these last few days here (in Ferguson) have proved me wrong."

     "I can't tell you how these riots and shooting at police and the destruction of innocent peoples' stores, businesses, lives and dreams have improved my opinion of the African-American community," continued Edwards.   "...Now I will forever wave at the Mrs. Lawrence and Adrian even more and longer...or else, you know, who knows what could happen?"

     Indeed, according to Tuesday's Gallup poll, indiscriminate rioting and looting by mostly young, feral Black men in Ferguson, MO, has improved the image of African-Americans by untold strides among white Americans, as well as Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Native Americans, Eskimos, and especially the Amish (a most notable and crucial demographic), not to mention the nearly 1.3 million African-born immigrants in the United States.

     Tuesday's Gallup poll showed that among Whites, the images of shirtless, droopy-pants-wearing Black youths rampaging through blameless shop owners' stores, hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails at police and giving the middle finger to authorities and media crews alike, the improvement of the opinion of the Black community has jumped by an astonishing 69-percent, with an improvement of 63% among Hispanics, 58% among Asians, 46% with Arabs (45% total among all those of Middle East origin), 41% among the nation's Amish community, 40% among Native Americans, 35% among Eskimos, and 23% among African immigrants, who no doubt are thrilled to see their supposed racial brethren in the U.S. expressing themselves so forcefully and "uniquely".

     The Gallup poll did not take in account, however, the number of American-born Blacks, particularly of the middle class, who are also undoubtedly enthralled by the scenes of rioting and looting from the St. Louis area. But make no mistake, they are out there, and are prouder than ever by what is routinely occurring now when night falls on the streets of Ferguson.

     "When I was growing up I was made to feel inferior by many of my (mostly white) classmates in school," said Trisha Monroe, now a real estate agent in Florissant, Missouri, to Duh Progressive Tuesday. "Then as I grew older and learned more about Black culture in the (1920s), our history and the Civil Rights movement I became proud to be Black —not 'proud' as in smug, but not ashamed to be Black anymore, you know?  I was just proud to be an American, then proud to be a Black American afterwards, you know?" said the 49-year-old a Black American living next to Missouri's Saint Ferdinand Park, on the northern edge of Florissant.

     Added Monroe, "But now with what I'm seeing in Ferguson and all, whatever the cause...if that cop shot that kid unprovoked and unjustly, I'm just so filled with even more pride. ...Like, these kids looting these stores and shooting each other over this incident —which is tragic and suspicious, don't get me wrong— just makes me oh-soooooooo proud to be Black. Uhh, yeah! They're doing us all such a great service by acting this way. ...Christ!"

     Added Monroe, rolling her eyes incessantly, "Oh, gee, ain't I just, like, soooooooo (expletive) proud to be Black now! ...Businesses are burnt, streets are trashed, neighborhoods look like shit! My own business is gone to shit, no doubt —how am I supposed to even sell a damn lemonade stand, let alone a house after this shit?! ...Oh yeah, 'we' look sooooooo much better now than before this. Jesus! ....I'm sorry, excuse me, I have to go throw up now!"

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