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Obama Responds to New York Police Slayings: ‘‘______ _______________.’’



by Michael Madshack, DP Assistant Editor,

Sunday, December 21, 2014,

(HONOLULU, HI) —President Obama may be vacationing over 7,000 miles away from the mayhem that occurred Saturday afternoon in New York, where two NYPD officers were ambushed and shot to death in an apparent “retaliation” for the lack of grand jury indictments of white police officers in the deaths Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but that still did not keep the President from flying into a rage at the murder the two NYPD officers.

   Said a clearly infuriated Obama to reporters Sunday on the now clearly retaliatory murders of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, “_____ __________ ___ __ __ ______ ________ ____ ______ ____ _, ___ _______ ____________ __________ ___ _ _____ _____!”

     Reporters covering the President’s vacation to his home state of Hawaii stood stunned at the Commander-in-Chief’s furious response, equal, if not surmounting his quick responses to both grand juries’ decisions not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown in Ferguson, MO, and of “lossie selling” Eric Garner in Stanton Island.

   Continued an impassioned President Obama, defending the NYPD and nation’s police force, in general, “__ _____ _ __ ______. _____ _ ___, _____, ______ _ _____!”

     Said NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, who has been covering the President on his “holiday” vacation to Hawaii, “I’ve simply never seen a president so emotional, so heated and furious about an incident like the two (retaliation) murders of police officers, who were supposedly protecting the Bedford-Stuyvesant public housing complex in response to reports of an increase in crime there. ...You’d think a statement similar to those he made after the Michael Brown and Eric Garner grand jury rulings would have been equally poignant and pensive, but no, with (Obama’s) ‘______ ________ __ __ _ ________ ___ ______ _ ______!’ statement, I can’t really seem or remember a president being more angry over the murder of two non-White police officers after such turmoil the nation has been in since August.”

     “I just know what statement by Obama intimidates me more,” Mitchell said, “his proclaim of ‘_______ ________ ______”, or his other proclaim of ‘__________!’ ...I just don’t know.”

     Both officers were of Latino and Asian (Chinese) background, and not the “blue-eyed devils” that committed the undoubtedly sadistic, heinous, orgasmic murders of “Gentle Giant” Michael Brown and unquestionably upstanding citizen Eric Garner, both of whom have been completely exonerated in helping to bring about their demise at the hands of white police officers, even as Black American superior officers stood over and witnessed the arrest of Eric Garner, who local minority store owners summoned the police to because he was impeding on their business(es) via selling “loosies” (imported and non-taxed cigarettes to pedestrians).


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     But all of these details seemingly matters not to a president and Justice Department out to pursue crimes, injustices —and now cold-blooded murder— to the nation’s police as they are just as much as to address, comment, and take action towards police who even-so-slightly may have questionably used excessive force on unarmed Black males in recent months.

     From the golf course on which President Obama was playing Saturday at the time of hearing of the NYPD assassinations, the President again, upon learning the details of Officer Liu and Ramos’ slayings, stated emphatically: “_, _________, _______________, ______________, _______, __ _ ____ _ ____ _____ ___, ________ ___ _______!”

     Stunned by Mr. Obama’s fierce and ominous damnations and pronouncement, even veteran critics of the President have been cowed by such angry rhetoric from a Chief Executive “out for blood...or at very least a bogey”, according to Washington pundit and The Daily Caller’s editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson.

     “(President Obama) has never really scared me, has never really intimidated me,” said Carlson, Sunday, to Duh Progressive. “But now, after this (police murder), I think this is a president revitalized in pursuing justice, for police and criminals alike. My God, just listen to his reaction of ‘_________________________.’ ...Now if that isn’t saying something that makes wanton maniacs quake in their over-priced neon-colored shoes, I don’t know what will!”

     Added Carlson, “I don’t know whether or not the marauding criminals in America should be scared more by Obama’s promise of ‘____, _______, _, and _____!’, or should be more frightful by his reaction to these the retaliation police murders by his statement of ‘_______ __________, ___, __________’!”

     Continued, Carlson, quivering nervously, “I don’t know about the rest of them, but if I were an ideologically-possessed, anti-cop, anti-White racist thug out for ‘vengeance’, I’d think twice before acting after hearing President Obama’s decree of ‘_________, ________________, ___, ______________________, ___’. I certainly would. His would-be-words are no doubt sending shivers even down my spine! ... I mean, ‘_______ _________ _ ___________ __ ____!’ ? ...What could be more frightening than that?   Just thinking about Obama’s ‘_________________,’ statement, I’m just, so like, having to check my underwear now..!”


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