"Thank God I have such a long life ahead of me to enjoy this site!"

- Notorious B.I.G., February, 1997

Mission Statement


Duh Progressive’s Mission Statement

     The years 2013 and 2014 saw a high influx in new visitors to Duh Progressive.com.   Many people like and have been supportive of Duh Progressive’s content, and some have not.   Most people know exactly what this website is about and what we aim to achieve, while others find it repugnant or even counter-productive.   This has led us to change our “About” statement to a mission statement.   And so, here is Duh Progressive’s mission:


GOAL #1: Get conservatives to CALM DOWN:  

     Not long ago the Left was synonymous with being our country’s shrill, wild-eyed, alarmist fear-mongers.  Those days are gone.  Today it are conservatives who bear such regrettable identities in our popular culture.  And let’s be honest, over the past two decades we’ve done a lot to earn them.  Duh Progressive understands it is hard to remain calm while one is witnessing his or her country and society going down the toilet.  But coming across like screaming maniacs on the verge of having an aneurism gets us nowhere.   No crisis has ever been solved or victory achieved through panic.  Thus it is our hope to provide Right-thinking people with a satirical, humorous perspective and different ways of interpreting the problems of today, while calming some nerves and releasing some stress.


GOAL #2: Two can play at this game:

     From the Smothers Brothers to Saturday Night Live, late night talk shows, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, to Hollywood films and standup comedy, the Left has hands-down owned the playing field of political humor for decades throughout our culture.  The Left owns "pop culture", which unfortunately influences how most people vote today.   What Duh Progressive is also here to do is prove that two can play at this political mockery and ridicule shit.   We’re hardly the only ones on the Right doing this, but we seek to be the best at it, sometimes fighting fire with fire via our more crass, edgy brand of (attempted) humor.   Some conservatives may not appreciate our style.  Well, too bad, because in today’s America they (you) may just have to get used to it, like it or not.


GOAL #3: Winning over the politically apathetic and confused:

     Back when “Duh Progressive” was just an 18-year-old college student, it/he was questioning much of the liberal ideas he had been raised believing.   Always questioning authority, college curiously worked in reverse for Duh Progressive’s creator, Nick Taxia, opening new ways of thinking, new ideas and perceiving issues.   Plus there was also another force at play: a particular fat man on national daytime talk radio.  With his booming voice and sardonic attitude, this “Rush guy” mocked the Left, pointing out its absurdities via absurdity.  Thus by the time Taxia turned 21, he was a liberal no longer. 

     There are countless 18-year-old Nick Taxias out there today; politically confused or indifferent, waiting for that one little push in the right (and Right) direction.   Duh Progressive aims to be that little “push”.    For those  who may not know which side is right or may not care, Duh Progressive is here to tell you that we understand where you are, what you're feeling (or rather not feeling); we’ve been there, too.   We understand you and are here for you.  Through our parody we hope to make a dent in America’s political culture, doing our part to hook and reel those former 18-year-old Nick Taxias into the Right side of the aisle, and help save contemporary conservatism as it currently hangs by a thread over the ash heap of history.

      Thank you and enjoy!  ...Or enjoy not enjoying, either way!


       Nicholas Taxia,

       Writer and Creator,



 "...we hate liberals more than conservatives, and we hate them.

                                   -Trey Parker,

                                    Director, Producer of South Park


"I hate conservatives, but I really fucking hate liberals."

                                    -Matt Stone,

                                     Director, Producer of South Park





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