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Elderly Couple Celebrates Third Anniversary of Having Left Turn Signal On

(From WIRES)

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011,

(PALM SPRINGS, FL) Harold and Edna Spencer have so much to be thankful for.   She is 81, he is 85, and on Thanksgiving they celebrated 60 years of marriage.   But more than a 60th wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving 2011 marked an equally special anniversary –the third anniversary of the retired couple having their car’s left turn signal on.

   “I would say the secret to a healthy relationship with your car’s turn signal is complete honesty,” said Harold Spencer last Sunday.  “We told our left blinker years ago that we wanted it on non-stop, and by golly, it’s been that way ever since. Keeps a spark in Edna and I’s relationship, too.”

     The two were married the day after Thanksgiving, 1951. Harold was Marine veteran in college on the G.I. bill, where he met the sister of his roommate, Edna, one night at a carnival.   The two fell in love instantly, according to family members.   From there they quickly planned a wedding, then planned the first of four children.   “And now here we are,” said Edna to reporters Sunday, “driving around with our left turn signal on constantly, just like we always dreamed.”  

     Grandpa Spencer always longed of spending his golden years driving around aimlessly with his wife, left turn signal blinking like the was no tomorrow, according to the couple’s eldest child, Betsy, 56.  

   “Look, we’re still in good health, active, and when we drive we’re going to have to make a dang left turn eventually,” joked Harold Spencer Sunday. “So why turn the thing off? It makes no sense.”

   The two lovable octogenarians said they look forward to another three years of having their left turn signal relentlessly blinking.   “We got pulled over once by a policeman who said we had to turn off our signal, that is was a hazard.   But we reminded him we were the only ones in town who voted, so he let us go,” said Mrs. Spencer with a smile.

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