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Local Quadriplegic Man Charged With Stationary Rape


(From WIRES)

(NEWARK, NJ) A physically challenged man was charged Tuesday with one of the most heinous sexual assaults Newark has seen in recently memory, stemming back at least 18 hours.   Police arrested and charged 42-year-old quadriplegic Daryl Schlezski with stationary rape.

    Paralyzed from the neck-down since a 2009 car accident, Schlezski was taken into custody Monday after a young woman told police Schlezski sexually assaulted her after she broke into his house, ripped off his clothes, and thrashed wildly about Schlezski’s naked body for an hour, and then some.  The alleged assault ended exactly where it began, claim authorities.  Although Schlezski’s attorney, Hans Tenlin, says his client had been receiving harassing and threatening phone calls and e-mails from the alleged victim, whom Schlezski supposedly dated briefly before his paralyzing injury.

     “My client has only two misdemeanors on his record, all of which accrued prior to his tragic accident,” said Mr. Tenlin. “We will show that this alleged accuser knew (Schelzski) prior to their immobile encounter this week, and had contacted him repeatedly beforehand… Plus we find the charge of ‘stationary rape’ to be highly insulting for someone in my client’s condition, and plan to counter-sue against the state for that demeaning term alone.”

   Against all legal and moral advice, the unnamed female victim has signaled she plans to pursue Schlezski in court.  Schlezski's attorney expressed great confidence in his client's ability to beat the "stationary rape" charge.  "Trust me," said Tenlin, "this case isn't going anywhere."


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