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Broken Hair Extension Makes 3000 Mile Journey Back to Owner

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(From WIRES)

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

(SEATTLE) —As if the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl wasn’t enough to make Seattle resident Trisha Myers happy, the reunification with her two-month-long lost hair extension was the icing on the cake for 27-year-old Bank of America employee, Monday.

     Myers dread-lock-style hair extension, “Daisy” (a personal name she gave to the fake dreadlock) became detached and fell from her head over Thanksgiving while Myers was visiting her family in Raleigh, North Carolina. Trisha spent Thanksgiving weekend without ever knowing one of her dozens of hair extensions had fallen in the parking lot of a local convenient store, being left there as the weekend ended and Trisha was on her 3000-mile flight back to Seattle.

     However “Daisy the Hair Extension’s” journey had just begun. From hitchhiking, to being kidnapped by a supposed serial killer, assaulted by bikers, hired to smuggle drugs by the infamous MS-13 gang from Chicago to Salt Lake City, nearly sold into prostitution, hiding out with a traveling circus, and arrested numerous times for loitering, the story of Trisha’s hair extension’s grueling two-month journey back to its owner’s beloved head is enough to rival the greatest of Mark Twain epics.

     “It’s truly remarkable, how ‘Daisy’ was able to make its way all the way from Raleigh to Seattle. It’s an amazing story, and uniquely American story; Americana at its best,” said Trisha’s sister, Abbey, to local reporters,  

     Trisha has not commented publically yet over the unexpected reunification with her hair extension.   Friends and family told the Seattle Times the married mother of one is spending some “quite and quality time” with her now reattached extension before making any public statements.

     Seeing a detached hair extension, of any color or ethnicity, lying on the ground is not unusual. However some of Myer’s friends are seeing something distinctly sinister in the harrowing trials and tribulations “Daisy” had to go through to get back home. Said Myer’s co-worker, Michelle Brown, 38, “I don’t think (Trisha’s hair extension) would have gone through all that it did had it not been an African-American hair extension. Racism definitely had a hand in putting the extension through all it had to go through to get home. ….Had it been blond or red I think it would have been adopted by a loving home or even mailed with FedEx overnight back to Trisha.”  

     “Daisy” the hair extension hasn’t spoken to reporters as well. Family members say that although physically well and reattached to her owner’s head, the 6-inch extension has been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of her harrowing trip across country; a sort of “Trains, Plains, and Automobiles”-meets-the-Manson-family.

   “It may take days or weeks or months for ‘Daisy’ to come around and begin to resume her life as a normal hair extension,” said Trisha’s sister, Abbey, Tuesday.   “We’re confident everything will be okay for Trish and Daisy. But for now, let this be a warning for everyone out there with hair extensions –Black, White, Latino, whatever: be kind to your hair extensions! Tell them you love them! Caress them daily! Look out for them and wash them gently. Make sure they’re always where they should be at the end of the day. We must do everything again to make sure a tragedy like this doesn’t happen again.”


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